Robust Integer Haar Wavelet Based Watermarking Using Singular Value Decomposition

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This paper proposed a hybrid watermarking method that used dither quantization of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) on average coefficients of Integer Haar Wavelet Transform (IHWT). The wa- termark image embeds through dither quantization process on singular coefficients value. This sche- me aims to obtain the higher robustness level than previous method which performs dither quanti- zation of SVD directly on image pixels value. The experiment results show that the proposed method has proper watermarked images quality above 38dB. The proposed method has better performance than the previous method in term of robustness against several image processing attacks. In JPEG compression with Quality Factor of 50 and 70, JPEG2000 compression with Compression Ratio of 5 and 3, average filtering, and Gaussian filtering, the previous method has average Normalized Correla- tion (NC) values of 0.8756, 0.9759, 0.9509, 0.9905, 0.8321, and 0.9297 respectively. While, the pro- posed method has better average NC values of 0.9730, 0.9884, 0.9844, 0.9963, 0.9020, and 0.9590 respectively.

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